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WorldSpacer™ Flexible Technology by Glasslam ~ Providing quality and options like never before

Glasslam has the world’s first stainless steel backed, flexible polyurethane spacer system.  Unlike other leading flexible spacers, WorldSpacer™ is manufactured using a completely different method.   


This new spacer provides superior warm-edge performance for insulating glass units (IGU). The 3A desiccant, due to our new manufacturing procedures, results in double the moisture pickup of other flexible spacers.  A 2-mil corrugated stainless steel vapor barrier offers flexible warm-edge performance, and guaranteed adhesion with all insulating glass sealants. An industry best vapor barrier, with optimum gas barrier performance against moisture ingress or argon escape.     


This worldwide patents pending spacer system is constructed as a web of spacer material, and cut to spacer size with razor accuracy! WorldSpacer features an industry best zero tolerance spacer sizing, from 5mm to 50mm sizes. WorldSpacer™ is designed to hold apart the heaviest glass for commercial IGU, while being cost saving for residential IGU at the same time.   


Our spacer is designed to meet and exceed global IGU standards such as ASTM E2190 and EN1279. WorldSpacer is on the IGCC/IGMA Reviewed Spacer Listing! Acrylic PSA is the standard side adhesive offered, while options exist for PIB/butyl side adhesive, depending on secondary sealant used.    


WorldSpacer™ has been engineered for use on automated IGU production lines with robotic spacer application machines, as well as for manual spacer application methods. WorldSpacer™ is available on ready-made reels; or as WorldSpacer resin in a drum, ready to make JIT sizes, using an available WorldSpacer™ production line.  


No Silicone

  WorldSpacer™ features a flexible matrix of UV resistant thermoset polyurethane and 3A molecular sieve. Having fog-free performance by nature, it is silicone free, preventing contamination of vapor barrier or IGU.  No volatiles to out-gas and requires no baking.


Automated Lines

WorldSpacer™ has a stainless steel moisture barrier that is extruded with a polyurethane matrix and is cut in-line, giving a perfect plus or minus zero tolerance. The result is a truly world quality flexible warm edge spacer product for use in many applications.

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Introducing EcoSpacer™ a low cost, flexible warm edge spacer

Polymer Extrusion Technology and Glasslam's Gerhard Reichert explains WorldSpacer's success in Atlanta September of 2017.  

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