Introducing EcoSpacer™

Low Cost Warm Edge Spacer

Asks us if EcoSpacer™ is right for your application. You can buy the machine and produce product for your owns needs or buy ready made. For residential application.

Make Your Own or Buy Ready Made

This low cost, warm edge, flexible spacer is available for your own production thru World-Spacer.com or ready to use from Perfection Plastic of Warren, Ohio. www.PerfectionPlastics.com

Your Economical Choice in Flexible Spacer

In addition to WorldSpacer™, EcoSpacer™  is our latest addition to the spacer lineup for Insulating Glass units. Cut to width sizes, 1/4" to 2". Metalized Mylar® backing, urethane desiccant matrix. Patents pending.

View EcoSpacer™ in action below

      Call 954-975-3233 for more information on EcoSpacer™ and WorldSpacer™ flexible warm-edge spacers